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Asian food evolved as a trailblazer in spice industry and has become most prominent Spice exporters, processors and manufacturers today. We are the prominent spice exporters have already set a benchmark of success in Indian market with exemplary quality standards.

Asian Food – Front runner India spices exporters

Asian Food has always been a front runner in race of popular Indian spices. We are proud Spice exporters, processors and manufacturers in Indian market who has achieved high level of success with global delivery of products.

Our expertise in exporting spices include the following –
  • We assure supreme quality merchandise
  • Our products can be availed at very affordable rates
  • Delivery can be made promptly as pr the requirement

Worldwide spice exporters India

Asian food brand has received immense appreciation in Indian market and worldwide. Our prompt delivery and favorable prices makes us more popular among clients. Our advance manufacturing techniques and quality standards make sure that product are delivered with satisfactorily performance and 100 percent hygienic in nature.

Specialist Spices manufacturer India

We are specialist in manufacturing spices and other herbs. All the spices available with us are grown in bacteria free safe environment and processed naturally so that nutritional content should not get reduced. So if you are looking for best spice processors, manufacturers and exporters in India especially Gujarat then Asian food is the ultimate choice!

India is the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of chilies in the world. India also has the largest area under chilies in the world. Chilies are the most common spice cultivated in India. It is estimated that India produced 1067534 tons of dry chili from an area of 8, 85,285 hectares in 2009-10.

Chilies are valued principally for their high pungency and color. Almost all the states of India produce the crop. The crop planting starts from August and extends till October. While, the harvesting begins from December with 5% of the arrivals usually reported in this month. The peak arrivals are reported in February to March. There are several varieties of Indian Chilli and the most popular among these are Sannam, 334, 273, Byadgi, Wonder Hot, Mundu, Teja, Yellow Chilies & Tomato Chilies.

Type of Spices

Cumin Seeds / Powder

  • Europe Quality 99% Purity
  • Singapore Quality 99% Purity
  • Singapore Quality 98% Purity
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Fenugreek Seeds

  • Sortex Quality
  • Machine Cleaned Quality
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Coriander Seeds

  • Coriander Kanpuri
  • Coriander Double Parrot
  • Coriander Single Parrot
  • Coriander Super Xo
  • Coriander Eagle Type
  • 100% Split Coriander Seeds
  • Coriander Powder
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Turmeric Whole

  • Nizamabad Double Polished Turmeric Fingure
  • Selam
  • Rajapuri
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Chilli Whole

  • Chilli Whole S4
  • Chilli Whole Guntur
  • Chilli Whole Reshampatti
  • Chilli Whole 273
  • Chilli Whole Round
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Crushed Chilli

Chilli Seeds

Fennel Seeds

  • Singapore quality
  • Europe Quality
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Mustard Seeds

  • Bold Type
  • Small Type
  • Yellow Mustard

Ajwain Seeds Europe Quality

  • India is the largest manufacturers of spices of various different kinds. Ajwain is one of those spices and considered good for our health.
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Tamarind Slabs Red Color

  • 777 TamaridWithout Seeds 1 Kg Packing
  • Rk Tamarind With 5% Seeds 500 Gms, 200 Gms & 150 Gms Packing
  • Angoor Tamrind
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Asafoetida (Hing)

  • 777 Brand
  • A.G. Brand

Kalonji Sortex Quality

Specification for Cumin Seeds
Purity 99% / 98% / 99.50% (Singapore/Europe)
Total ASH 9.50% Max
Acid insuluble ASH 1.75% Max
Flavour Aromatic with a penetrating flavour
Moisture 10% max
Salmonella Absent/25 gms
Volaile oil Min 2.00 ml/100 gms
Specifications for Corriander Seeds
Kinds (whole or splits) - Indori
- Kanpuri
- Badami
Purity 98%
Extraneous matter 2% max
Split Seeds 5% max
Damaged seeds other than insect damage 2% max
Moisture 8% max
Live infestation Nil

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