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Importance of Fenugreek Seeds in Curries and Pickles

Fenugreek seeds are aromatic, bittersweet and powerful spice and there is a taste like somewhat as burnt sugar. These amber colored seeds which are used widely in cooking especially in Asian dishes and these are one of the common ingredients used in curry powder.

Indian cuisines are popular and curries have special place in cuisines. Vindaloo and hot Sri-lankan curries are also famous worldwide. These fenugreek seeds added into the chutneys and hot pickles for a great flavor.

Reason behind the popularity of fenugreek seeds from India

  • Asian foods offer Indian Fenugreek seeds and other native countries in all qualities and sizes that are small, medium and large.
  • Priority is given to packaging of the product and this is passed and inspected with metal detectors and magnets. This is done to reduce ferrous or other metallic contamination into the prepared products.
  • Contamination is definitely not tolerated by the investors and consumers so detection and prevention are done very carefully by Asian foods in Indian fenugreek seeds.
  • Indian Genetically Modified Seeds are the product which are popular not only in Asia but also very common among other native countries.
  • They are grown naturally and this is the reason that they are so much beneficial for our health.

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