Leading Indian Tamarind Exporters

Tamarind with nutritional values

We, Asian foods are the largest and most popular leading manufacturers and dealers of food products. Our Indian tamarind exporters provide various agro products and their quality make them better than any other related product.

Key factors for better tamarind and show its quality

  • Natural sour taste
  • Purity into the products
  • Freshness offered by tamarind products of better quality
  • Longer shelf life of product
  • Great nutritional values
  • High demand offered by the quality products by Indian tamarind exporters provide.

Chemical products of tamarind

  • Tamarind belongs to Cesalpiniaceae family and this makes it more nutritious and active due to the chemical composition.
  • Its botanical name is Tamarinds India and known by this name worldwide.
  • In Arabia it is known as Tamer Hindi and it have several commercial parts but main commercial part is pod.

This is a natural food which is produced in tropical areas. It is an ever green fruit and even leaves are equally tasteful as its fruit. We, provide chief and good quality Indian tamarind into the various parts of world. This is a constituent food and pulpy part is generally used into the food articles. This gives a great taste and chief credit to the food articles.

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