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Eating Ajwain or Carom Seeds Enhance Digestive System

Are you trying hard to calm down your upset stomach? It’s time to try your dadi ma ka nuskha- hands out few carom seeds or ajwain to get relief from upset stomach. Most Indian Ajwain exporters mention this fact that carom seed is an herb that has multiple benefits. It is one of the common herbs that you can find in Indian kitchens that acts as an effective natural aid for various health problems. This is just a reason that makes the herb special, but exporters bring additional points that make ajwain an incredible and a must have herb in the kitchen.

Beat flatulence and indigestion

Ajwain has extreme levels of thymol that aids the release of gastric juices from the stomach, which ultimately promotes swift digestion process. Due to this reason, ajwain is a significant herb that treats flatulence, colicky pain in babies and nausea.

How to use the herb- You can boil tsp of carom seeds or ajwain in a cup of water and boil it until the water level goes to half. Strain water and drink it to get instant relief from indigestion.

It is good for pregnant or lactating mothers who are facing digestion problems. The herb heals the body internally, lowers the inflammation and promotes good blood circulation. Though they should take a limited amount of seeds as these increases the heat in the body, which is not good for pregnancy.

How to use it- You can take it with jaggery to enhance digestion.

Treats cough and asthma

The thymol is anti bacterial and anti fungal compound that treats cough and asthma issues.

How to use it- crush the carom seeds and mix it with jaggery and eat the mixture

Instant relief from earache

Due to cough and cold, earache can be caused or inflammation of ear lobes can be experienced. Consuming ajwain seeds can help in reducing the pain instantly as thymol compound will reduce the inflammation.

How to use it- Heat Ajwain with milk and put few drops of mixture in the ear can help in reducing earache and discomfort.

So, next time when you meet someone facing certain health issues, you can recommend him ajwain herb to get instant relief. Indian Ajwain exporters are delivering their products across the globe, so it hardly matters if you are from other country- you still can avail ajwain seeds from supermarket.

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